Lost, But Not Forgotten

It’s been well over a month since my last post. I’ve been so caught up with the holidays, hosting family from out of town, and then recovering from all of that activity. It’s been a stretch of pouring myself into others and counting my blessings for having so many loved ones!

Guess what the first thing to go by the way side is when I am completely focused outward? Self-care. You notice I said I spent part of my time “recovering.” I’m pretty certain that I wouldn’t need recovery time if I continued to practice self-care continually, rather than just when it is convenient. I know I’m not the only woman, man too for that matter, who struggles with this. When push comes to shove and timelines get tight, we push ourselves to the bottom of the priority list and tackle the other stuff first.

So here’s a shout out to self-care!

A few of my favorite ways to practice this:

  • Enjoying coffee at a coffee shop, by myself, while reflecting, reading, or writing.
  • A very girly bath! Dimmed lighting, candles, a really relaxing bath bomb and just completely relaxing. Push everything out of my mind and just be still.
  • A project just for myself. We all have those things, for me it’s a messy drawer or an overflowing space in my closet, that we never get to and they drive us crazy. Carve out an hour or so to tackle it. Focusing on organizing it in a way that makes me happy, removing old unwanted things, and tidying it up makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something just for myself. I can also be reminded with a peaceful, fulfilled feeling each time I revisit that space!
  • Calling a friend or a loved on that I haven’t had the “time” to connect with in a while. Chit chat about what has been going on, enjoy listening to their stories and commentary, laughing… most of all laughing.

What are some of your most loved go to self-care activities?

So friends, I may have been lost for a bit, but you are far from forgotten! I’ve also remembered that writing is one of my favorite ways to unwind and feed my soul!

Published by

This Zany Life

Hi friends, I decided to create this blog to have a creative outlet for myself to dish about the crazy happenings in my life. Hopefully, I'm able to help others feel fellowship, like they are part of a tribe that understands the daily happenings in their lives. I am a single mother of two boys (Simeon and Parker), work full-time as a software development project manager, work part-time as an adjunct professor for Davenport University, have a wonderful fiance (Ricardo), and two very active Boston Terriers (Gus and Lexi). I run around each day trying to keep up, making sure I care for family, friends, and work. Sometimes staying on top of the daily grind is a challenge. I found that when I got too bogged down with the details, I forgot how to enjoy the moments and find joy in the present. My journey has been about bringing lightness back into the days and enjoying the moment!

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